PPhREI Network Highlights (4/30/2023)

The PPhREI Network Highlights includes the best posts from the PPhREI network…

ChatGPT has been making major headlines over the last few months and it has now found its way into the Short-Term Rental Space. The Darwinian Doctor provides a Short-Term Rental case study that highlights the benefits of using ChatGPI. Dr. Shin shares how he asked ChatGPI focused questions about STRs and received some insightful responses. This is a fun read. Click on the link below to learn more…

The ChatGPT AI Roadmap to Short Term Rental Success

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon shares a simple game plan to get your finances on track. One of the keys to this game plan is to embrace being a novice while learning about finances. You do not need to master everything on day one. Remember to take small steps to start and stay positive as you learn more about your finances.

7 Small Things Doctors Can Do to Get Their Finances on Track

2022-2023 has been an absolutely amazing snow season. Mammoth Lakes received a record breaking amount snow, breaking the previous record from 2010-2011. For us as family that meant tons a great times on the mountain and a lot of work. It was one of those years where it “almost” felt like too much snow… almost…. The mountain and the town struggled with the snow management. It was rough at times but the town made it through. Home owners and the mountain battled the snow with constant shoveling to save structures from collapsing and prevent propane explosions. The town did experience some tragic events but overall fared well. In the end, it was an amazing season with a mix of struggles and great memories.

As a family, we feel blessed that we experienced this season. The amount snow shoveling this year was more than I can explain but I included some pictures for perspective. The struggle was real but all worth it… We had great season full of memories.

5 Reasons to Invest in Short-Term Rentals

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