Lauren is an Interventional Radiologist and I am an Emergency Physician practicing full time Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Lauren and I met during our Internship year and married two years later. We love to travel and prioritize travel in our lives. During our residency years, we would take the time for one “big” trip a year and at least one Mountain trip for the snow season. 

Traveling became a little more challenging after our daughters arrived, 13 months apart. Lauren spent the last year of her residency and first fellowship year pregnant.  She is truly amazing.  With little ones in tow, we made it a mission to enjoy our time together via regular travel, camping, and snow sports….

Life was good…

Then, in 2014, I fell off a ladder and completely upturned our lives (see The Fall).  During that time our financial future was uncertain and the stress on our family was intense.  Luckily, I had disability insurance which saved us financially and we recovered…. We learned during this time that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  I adjusted my work schedule to be home more and we adjusted our investment strategy, a little…

We still saved for retirement and went on vacation but we also decided to buy a short-term rental during this time which was one of the best decisions we ever made.   That investment did not allow us to achieve financial independence…. But it did bring immeasurable joy to our family and friends while significantly improving our financial wealth. 

Carpe Diem MD discusses the ups and downs of Short-Term Rentals and other aspects of the Physician lifestyle.   We believe in enjoying our investments while growing wealth.  We plan on continuing to invest in Short Term Rental properties.  It might take a little longer to achieve financial independence with this strategy but we believe that tomorrow is not guaranteed so enjoy the journey.  Carpe Diem.   


Ian Cook MD:  Emergency Physician, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine

Lauren Ihde MD:  Interventional Radiologist