Short Term Rental properties are a great way to invest in real estate that you can enjoy, while building wealth. This is not typical of most investments. For example, a car can provide great joy but it loses value immediately after driving off the lot. Your stocks grow wealth slowly over time but you can’t relax on the beach with your “Tesla stock”. Multifamily rentals will grow wealth, but these cash flowing properties are occupied and are not often located in vacation destinations.

So, that leaves Short Term Rentals. These properties are located in desirable locations like mountain resorts, beaches, and beautiful cities. You can stay at these properties whenever you desire and customize your investment portfolio. If you enjoy the snow, invest in mountain resorts. If the beach brings you joy, then invest in beach homes. Or you can invest in both… The best part of Short Term Rentals is that you invest in properties that you can enjoy with your family while simultaneously building wealth.

The current tax incentives available to STR properties make right now one of the best times to invest.  These advantages are set to expire by 2023. (click here)