10 Reasons to Invest in Short-Term Rentals

  1.  You get to use your property.  Short Term Rentals are a form of rental property that you actually get to enjoy.
  2. Your Guests “renters” provide payment when booking and agree to a predetermined duration of stay. 
  3. Guests place a credit card on file, allowing you to cover expenses if damage occurs.
  4. These properties are often newer, in better condition and are located in desirable locations.
  5. The Cash on Cash Return is often higher for Short Term Rentals than traditional rental properties.
  6. There are significant tax savings available especially if you are self-managing your property. (see Short Term Rental Tax Benefits)
  7. You can start investing with 10% down.  (Most residential investment properties require 25% down and commercial loans require 30% down)
  8. The Cash Flow and Tax savings from Short-Term Rentals can be reinvested to purchase additional Short-Term or Long Term Rental properties.
  9. You can enjoy the Cash Flow and Tax benefits associated with Short Term Rentals while practicing Medicine.  There are no rules dictating how many hours you work in your primary occupation.
  10. Is the same as number 1.  YOU and your family get to use and enjoy these investments!!!

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