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Lauren and I used to find it really hard to keep track of our schedules.  The dots on the Apple Calendar just didn’t cut it.  So, I used to write out my ER schedule and email it to Lauren and we would have an email file with our schedules. 

This system was okay but it was difficult to keep track of our schedules and we would have to check our email file.  In addition, Lauren’s call schedule and my constantly changing ER shifts made keeping track of our overlapping shifts tough…

Keeping track of our schedules was crucial for arranging Grandma days… We only survived this time by arranging Grandma time, as my Mom would watch the girls when my ER shifts overlapped with Lauren’s call days….

Then we found the Pocket Life Calendar app.  I know this sounds like a ridiculous post but it was really very helpful.  The Pocket Life calendar allows you to make custom templates with different colors, times and labels.  You can customize your labels in the template section, example: (LC Call, OFF, WC shift, Yosemite, Disneyland, you can even label your shifts 6-4, 4-2, etc). All of your labeled events can be seen in the day, weekly, and monthly views.

The month view is especially helpful. It is nice to see where you are working, call shifts, vacation trips etc with one glance as opposed to the “dot” on the Apple Calendar.  The best part is that the calendar will sync with the Apple and Google calendars. 

If you are looking for a better way to organize your schedule then check out Pocket Life.  I included some pictures below…

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