The Best Keyless Lock for Short Term Rentals (Airbnb/VRBO/Etc)

Choosing a Keyless lock for your short term rental can be a daunting experience. What brand is the best? What type of apps are best to use?

Well hopefully you will find your answer here…

First, let’s look at the Remote Lock/Edge State application. This app is great and is very user friendly and inexpensive. The application works with many different types of locks and is made for business/short term rentals. You can also access the Remote Lock/Edge state software from your computer, if you prefer.

The application/software prices allow you to choose from Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. The entry level Basic is $3 per lock which is very reasonable.

What do you get with the $3/month per lock Basic plan?

You can access your wifi or Z wave connected smart lock via the Remote app at anytime.

You can add users which remain until removed by you, as well as, guests with time limited check in and check out pin codes.

What do you get with the next level $6/month per lock Premium plan?

This plan allows you to integrate with Airbnb and automatically generate pin code access for booked guests. The ability to automate with this plan may be worthwhile for those with high turnover or multiple properties.

What do you get with the $9/month per lock Business plan and $12/month per lock Enterprise plans?

The Business and Enterprise plans are for large units or companies managing many properties. These plans are not for the initial short term rental investor but may be part of your long term investment plan 🙂

We use the Basic plan and will consider the Premium plan in the next year.

When starting out the Basic plan is adequate. With this plan you will create the access pin codes for your guest before check in.

Generating a guest access pin can easily be performed from your phone as illustrated below. (You can also use a computer)

After you create a code you can send the pin code via iGMS, Airbnb, or VRBO communication to your guest as check in approaches.

Check your lock and confirm if (#) is required after the pin code number. If (#) is required, don’t forget to tell your guests. For example, 1234# or you may end up with some late night calls…

If you have any last minute cancellations you can easily deactivate the guest access pin code. See below.

Lastly, Remote Lock/Edge State allows you to receive updates regarding user and guest access to your property. You can evaluate the entry log easily via your Remote lock app or desktop software. This feature is useful when confirming guest entry and exit as well as cleaning crew/maintenance access.

What is the Best Keyless lock?

The answer is the one that works for your specific needs.

We use the OpenEdge 710 Smart Lock because this was the lock that our HOA passed for the building. It turns out that it is a great lock. The lock is sturdy, looks elegant and has performed well for years without complication.

The benefits of this lock include:

Key entry back up. Hopefully, you will never need the key for entry but it is good to have just in case…

Programmed user pin codes work even when wifi is disrupted.

Battery powered with 4 AA batteries (average life 1-2 years)

Remote lock gives a regular battery life update. This function of remote lock is very helpful and we usually change out batteries at 25% of remaining battery life.

There are many other “smart lock” brands that work with the Remote Lock software. You can search the Remote Lock site for products via brand, connectivity (wifi vs z-wave), and type of lock (lever vs dead bolt). The goal is to match your price point with your needs.

Personally, I think that a good, reliable lock is worth the cost (purchase price and locksmith installation). It is an investment in your short term rental property and will improve the experience of your guests.

Providing a keyless lock allows your guests to experience “contactless” entry which has only increased in demand during the Covid era.

In addition, keyless entry saves your guests time by allowing them to avoid stopping at an office to pick up and drop off keys. It may seem small but saving your guests time will improve their rental experience.

Overall, Keyless entry is a must have for any short term rental. These locks will improve the experience for your guests while simultaneously improving your ability to monitor and manage your short term (Airbnb/VRBO) property.

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