The Physician Real Estate Investor Network: PhREI

I would like to introduce you to The Physician Real Estate Investor Network (PhREI).  Pronounced “Free”. This is a new network for physicians who have embraced real estate as a means to achieve financial freedom. 

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The Origin Story

In October 2020 I started blogging about the benefits of Short Term Rental investing as Carpe Diem MD. It has been an enjoyable experience but one can feel alone in this venture. There is no blogging residency. I was reading other blogs and started reaching out to other new physician bloggers. We would exchange messages here and there but nothing formal developed. Then I met The Darwinian Doctor and he told me about the PhREI network…. It was just a concept at the time….. but now it has been created….

What is the PhREI network?

The PhREI Network logo.  The Physician Real Estate Investor Network.

The PhREI Network is The Physician Real Estate Investor Network.  (PhREI is pronounced “free.”) This network was inspired by The Darwinian Doctor.

The members of this network are physician bloggers who use real estate as a primary investment vehicle.

What is the purpose of the PhREI network?

There are a few things we hope to achieve with the creation of this network.

  • Facilitate collaboration and the sharing of educational content.
  • Create a portal for readers to find content related to real estate investing.
  • Increase the sense of community amongst physician real estate oriented bloggers.

With collaboration comes opportunity.  For now, this network will connect readers to great content.  With time, it’ll become an educational resource unto itself and facilitate investment.  The sky’s the limit!

Founding Member: The Darwinian Doctor

The Darwinian Doctor logo

Daniel Shin, MD is a surgeon, real estate investor, and blogger at The Darwinian Doctor.

His blog is one of the most open and raw financial blogs out there. The Darwinian Doctor writes about his journey from a childhood of financial scarcity to graduating from medical school with $300,000 in debt. He holds nothing back when discussing his personal finances and brings you along his quest to build a real estate empire capable of achieving morbidly obese financial independence (moFIRE).

The Darwinian Doctor follows the motto of “intentional evolution, every day” and is a firm believer in the power of mindset and optimism.

Founding Member: Carpe Diem MD

Carpe Diem MD logo

That is me, Ian Cook, MD, the founder of Carpe Diem MD. I am an Emergency Medicine physician and my life changed dramatically after a devastating injury in 2014. I learned through this experience the importance of enjoying the present while diversifying income streams for the future.

“Carpe Diem MD discusses the ups and downs of Short-Term Rentals and other aspects of the Physician lifestyle.   We believe in enjoying our investments while growing wealth.”

Lauren and I are growing a portfolio of long and short term rentals in two States. I am a writer, investor, and avid snowboarder, and pursue these activities while practicing full time Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Our blog is devoted to providing useful advice to short term rental specialists. Carpe Diem MD is especially great for full time physicians who want to utilize powerful tax deductions from short term rentals.

If you’re looking to get into short term rental or want to learn to “seize the day,” this is your blog.

Founding Member: The Prudent Plastic Surgeon

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon logo

Jordan Frey, MD is the founder of the Prudent Plastic Surgeon. He’s a new attending plastic surgeon who loves teaching residents how to find a great job, manage their money, and achieve contentment as an attending. Just last year, he graduated fellowship over $400,000 in debt, and is making rapid progress towards financial freedom through buy and hold real estate investing, debt paydown, and traditional investing.

Did I mention that he’s also the host or co-host of two podcasts and has authored a course called Graduating to Success “that will teach you to thrive in the transition from trainee to attending”?

For both current trainees or long-time attendings, there’s a wealth of useful information on his rapidly growing blog.

Jordan is truly inspirational and demonstrates what one can accomplish in and outside of Medicine.


I’m really excited to unveil the Physician Real Estate Investor Network (PhREI) to you today. On a regular basis, I’ll be sharing content from PhREI network partners on this blog. Please check out their blogs and enjoy!

As the network evolves, it’ll get its own dedicated website with unique content.

If you’re interested in applying for membership to the PhREI network, please contact The Darwinian Doctor  via email

What do you think of the PhREI network? Are you as excited as I am? Probably not. Anyway, please comment below and subscribe for more!

Link to the Physician Real Estate Investor Network Facebook group

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