Nintendo Switch Revolutionized our Travel Experience

I grew up during the video game generation playing pac-man and the other classics.  When Nintendo came along it revolutionized the gaming industry.  Mario, Contra, Duck Hunt, Metroid followed by Street Fighter, Mario Kart and 007 Golden Eye.  These were some of the best games to play…. Sorry Sega and PlayStation nation. 

Xbox came later with Halo and Call of Duty and dominates the gaming industry with PlayStation….  But Nintendo still owns that family gaming space.

Nintendo’s Wii was a huge hit with its motion-focused games.  (This is our favorite console for Short-term rentals).  The Wii relates to the older generation (Us) and the young ones.  It also has a great nostalgic range and ease of use for kids, the perfect combo to bring the family together while on vacation.

The next evolution of Nintendo was the Switch.


The Switch combines the best of classic gaming with the movement allowed by the Wii and the ability to take it portable like a fancy Gameboy 😉

We have found the Switch to be the BEST TRAVEL video game system. 

It is completely portable, small and has detachable remotes that can be used to play up to 4 players.  You can play it in a car, you can play it in an airport, you can play it on a plane….. You get the idea.

The best part for us is that we can hook it up in our car.  We have an Acura MDX with an HDMI hook up.  I plug the Switch in and the kids play in the back and time flies.  By kids, I mean Lauren and my two daughters. 

Lauren’s favorite game is Breath of the Wild (Zelda for us old people).  It is actually a great game but one of my favorites for family fun is Mario Kart, which allows for 4 players. Driving prevents me from joining the fun but I get to live vicariously through them.

The Switch has been a great addition to our travel time and I wish I would have bought one years ago.  For some reason, I thought the Switch portable mode only supported 1 player and did not want the girls to fight over it…   Man was I wrong…

You can play up to 4 players on the portable mode. 

The Switch is a great “investment” if you travel as much as we do….We still encourage reading, rest and observing the world but sometimes it is nice to be able to game during a 5-hour drive.

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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