This is Why We STR

We love spending our family time together snowboarding.   Some would call us broken Californians because we choose the snow over the beach for 6-8 months out of the year…  It would be 12 months but the snow usually melts off during the summer. 

But not always 😉  I did go snowboarding once on the 4th of July and then went fishing…. That was a great day.

Anyways, I’m getting off point…. Why do we STR?

We STR to supplement our second home lifestyle…

We STR to gain passive income and create generational wealth…

We STR because owning a STR is a rewarding experience.  We enjoy providing a service to others and take pride in our properties.

We STR because life is about more than pure investments and money. Memories are way more valuable. In today’s world of physician burnout there is no better way to unwind than an escape to a STR and relax.

We STR because we enjoy hosting retreats with our family and friends. One of our favorite trips is an adults only trip for one week a year. We look forward to it every year.

This year we added an adult and kids trip because we had so much fun and the kids are getting older ;)… and honestly they are better at snowboarding than most of the “adults”.

Lastly, We STR because it is fun for us and we want to Enjoy our Journey to Financial Freedom.

Enjoy Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Why do you STR?

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