The Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course & Physician Burnout and Wellness CME is starting May 17th, 2021

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The goal of the CDMD STR course is to guide you through the process of purchasing your first or next Short-Term Rental Property.  The course will begin with choosing your market and progress to analyzing properties with the goal of completing your purchase. The course will also cover how to set up and manage your Short-Term Rental property including the process of automation. We have done the research to help you stream line your set up.

After completing this course you will be able to join a community of physician STR investors. This community functions as a resource for continued investing, support and Short-Term Rental guests. Members of the CDMD STR community enjoy 18% off of STR bookings at no cost to the host. As a guest you save 18% on your bookings and as an owner you gain vetted physician guests. Sign up for the course to learn how.


This course is designed for Physicians by Physicians and we understand the stresses you experience in your profession. We know you can do this and can tell you that owning a STR is a great retreat.

It is possible to manage a STR with your schedule.  In addition, you do not need to quit medicine to own and manage STR rental properties. Lastly, you can enjoy the tax benefits usually reserved for REPs via STR ownership.


After your first STR purchase you will have the skills to manage your own property and the ability to add to your portfolio and scale. 

Owning our Short Term Rental has been one of the best decisions we ever made.  We have made many great memories with family and friends at our property.  The bonus is that the cost of this great vacation home has been covered by short-term rental income.  It has truly been the best of both worlds.

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The CDMD STR course will run for 8 weeks twice a year

Topics covered in the CDMD STR course

The Mindset of Short-Term Rental Ownership

What type of Short-Term Rental Investor are you

How to analyze your market

How to analyze your property

Legal structure options

Insurance for Short-Term Rentals

Financing your Short-Term Rental

The Pros and Cons to Property Management vs Self Management

Finding an agent to assist you in making your first STR purchase

How to list your property on AIRBNB, VRBO,

Successfully manage your own property

Automate your property management

Become comfortable with bookkeeping

Develop a process to scale if you want to build a STR portfolio

Join the CDMD STR Community of like-minded STR owners and enjoy 18% discounted bookings and referrals from within the community.

The waiting list is now open for May 2021.


What is the cost of the course?

Three payments of $850 ($2,550)

Is that cost worth it? Well let’s run the numbers

First, a full disclaimer. I took a real estate course for long term rental/multifamily investing and spent more than the above price. Paying for a course kept me on task and focused. I was not going to waste my education investment. That course was worth the cost and I hope you will have the same experience with the CDMD STR course.

$2,550 is a fraction of your College and Medical School education. At this price point you be introduced to an entirely different field. The course is designed to provide education tailored to Physicians and provide you the tools to invest in STR real estate.

Another way to look at the cost of the course is to analyze your potential returns (we can’t guarantee returns).

If you learn how to purchase cashflowing STRs through this course then you make your education investment worthwhile. For example, a property that cashflows $10,000 a year would result in a 4x return on your education investment.

Tax saving from a $500,000 property could be as high as $50,000 which would be a 20x return on your education. (We discuss how this is possible during the course)

Learning to self manage will save you 10-30% depending on your market. We are saving $8,000 per year (3x return on your education investment)

By joining the CDMD STR Community you will gain high quality referrals and receive 18% discounts on STR bookings.

Lastly, and most importantly, you will have a STR property that you can enjoy with your family and that is PRICELESS.

Bonus CME

6 hours of CME will be available via the Physician Burnout and Wellness CME portion of the course

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