The Best place to find appliances for your Short-Term Rental

So, I don’t know about you but Lauren and I have run into to some challenges during our Short-Term Rental Remodel.

We have encountered the standard remodel hiccups, cost, timing, etc. but we also found it hard to purchase supplies, furniture and appliances.  Today, let’s talk about appliances.

Finding appliances for our property was pretty difficult.  One, because of supply chain issues and two because of the remote location of our STR.  

If you are in a larger town then Home Depot or Lowe’s may be the way to go.  But when I checked those stores the back-order time for Stainless steel appliances was approximately 6-8 weeks.  Granted that may be different based on location but that was a deal breaker for us.  Hopefully, those time frames will improve as the year progresses. 

So, what did we do?  We were lucky enough to find AJ Madison.  (NO affiliate Link here), just sharing our experience.   AJ Madison has been slammed on Yelp so maybe we are the only customers with a good experience but I am going to throw it out there in case you are experiencing difficulty as well. 

I think the key when ordering from AJ Madison is to order items on the QUICK SHIP list.  If the item is in “stock” that does not necessarily mean it will ship quickly.

We learned this pretty quickly.  We initially ordered some “in stock” stainless steel appliances but did not receive a shipping confirmation.

I called the company and I was informed that products not on categorized as Quick Ship can sometimes take 8 weeks to deliver.  AJ Madison was really easy to work with over the phone and they cancelled the order.

We then simply ordered appliances that were classified as Quick Ship and the appliances arrived in 2 weeks.  No problems.  For us this was a great option because it is difficult to get shipping in our location. 

We did not pay for the install service because our contractor handled the installation, so that might be why our experience was good.   I noticed on yelp that there is a significant amount of complaints about the installation service.

So, if you are in a bind to get appliances AJ Madison may be worth a shot.

The other services that we have been impressed with are Wayfair and of course Amazon.  Both of these companies deliver everywhere.   Wayfair can have some pricier items but sometimes it is worth it for the convenience of easier shipping. 

Check out this post “A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your Short-Term Rental” and use Amazon to simplify your set up.

Good luck out there.

Carpe Diem MD

“Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom”

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