PhREI Network Highlights (10/23/2021)

The PhREI Network Highlights drops once a week and includes the best posts from the PhREI network….

Sometimes it is a good idea to go back and review some Financial 101. The Darwinian Doctor highlight of the week focuses on “3 simple steps to automate your finances”. It is great read and provides additional financial guidance beyond the “big 3 steps” of automation…

3 Simple Steps to Automate Your Finances

2021 has been a wild year for investing, from real estate to crypto and everything in-between. The Prudent Plastic Surgeon has been active in real estate during this time and in today’s highlight post he discusses the “3 most tempting current investments… to avoid”.

The 3 Most Tempting Current Investments to Avoid

Financial Independence is a catchy phrase that is everywhere in the financial blogging world. It is so common that the phrase is said without question… Like the sky is blue… Lauren and I have thought about this phrase a lot and share our thoughts about FI in this post…. “Can you ever truly be financially independent?”

Can You Ever Truly Be Financially Independent?

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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