PPhREI Network Highlights (4/10/2022)

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Moral injury aka “burn out” has been demoralizing the medical community for years and Covid was the equivalent of throwing gasoline on the fire. Some would say that the trauma and the losses experienced increased this burn out. This is true for some but for many the culprit is the same as pre-covid… increasing corporatization, massive administrative bureaucracy, lack of autonomy and non-essential paperwork remain the major factors of burnout. As physicians we have all experienced loss but that loss becomes demoralizing when we feel like we could do more but are restricted by bureaucracy and other burdens outside of our control. As certain systems and insurances continue to expand limiting our recommended treatments this feeling of moral injury increases. The Darwinian Doctor wrote a great article about moral injury discussing these topics in this weeks PPhREI network highlight.

Why It Seems Like All Doctors Are Quitting Medicine

YOLO: You only live once vs. FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early… This is a great debate and The Prudent Plastic Surgeon breaks it down this week. Can you guess if Dr. Jordan Frey is more YOLO or FIRE?

I tend to lean a little to the YOLO side even while working to achieve FIRE. If you know our story then you may understand why… Lauren and I could technically FIRE tomorrow if we wanted to downgrade our lifestyle but neither of us are interested in that option. We are enjoying our time with our children by working a little less and spending a little more on sports activities, vacations etc.

With that said, we still have a FIRE plan for our early 50s that would allow us to maintain our current lifestyle… As a precaution, when reading about FIRE, remember that everyone has different interpretations of that phrase. Someone may tell you they FIRE’d at 35 but forget to mention that they live a very frugal lifestyle. That may or may not be your goal. So remember to set your own goals and avoid the hype.

How to Find the Perfect Balance Between FIRE & YOLO

Lauren and I spent the last week traveling in Colorado. We went to the USASA National Snowboard competition at Copper Mountain, CO where our daughters competed. It was a great experience and we spent a week snowboarding as a family. To end out the week we traveled to Aspen Snowmass for a day trip. That was our first time visiting both mountains and they were awesome. We did some analysis and cashflowing at the current purchase prices would be challenging but, wow, we could live there… The snow season is coming to an end but it has been a great year so far.

We can’t believe how fast 2022 is going and are happy to announce that Enrollment is now open for the May 16th, 2022 Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course + Physician Wellness and Burnout CME… (click here to learn more)

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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