PPhREI Network Highlights (6/18/2022)

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The fed has been increasing interest rates since January and this week they increased the rate by 0.75… It doesn’t seem like a huge jump but the cumulative change has resulted in a pretty dramatic increase in mortgage rates from the recent average of 3% to 6% with some predicting mortgage rates of 8-9% by the end of the year.

Now it is true that the fed raising rates does not result in a direct increase in mortgage rates but they are for now increasing together. So is the fed trying to crash the housing market?

Well the short answer is yes… They are trying to stop inflation by crushing demand by increasing rates and the housing market will be caught up in this strategy. The have openly said they are trying for a “soft landing” where they bring things down but level off the downward trend before we fall into a major crash… Can they do it?

Dr. Shin goes into detail about what is happening in this week’s post…

How the Federal Reserve Might Crash the Real Estate Market

If you are invested in the stock market you may have noticed a significant drop in your “net worth” over the last month… Does that mean you are no longer “wealthy”. Don’t freak out… Stay the course, keep to your investment and plan and read this post from The Prudent Plastic Surgeon, Jordan Frey. In this post he breaks down the difference between net worth and wealth…

Net Worth and Wealth Are Different: Does It Matter? (Yes!)

Being a host can be tough sometimes but in the end it really is a rewarding experience and a great investment opportunity… even in today’s crazy uncertainty. This week, we share 5 reasons to be thankful for guests.

5 reasons to be thankful for guests

Practice the Carpe Diem MD lifestyle and seize the day

Carpe Diem MD

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