PPhREI Network Highlights (7/09/2022)

The PPhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PPhREI network….

The Darwinian Doctor wears many hats in the world of real estate. He owns single family, multifamily and Short-term rentals. In is diversified in both real estate and more traditional retirement savings. Over the last year, Dr. Shin, has shared his Palm Springs STR renovation story and this week he shares his Broken Bow STR experience. This is a great read. He even shares some of the tax benefits he has experienced via STR investing.

5 Month Income Report from Our Luxury Cabin Rental

“Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin

The Prudent Plastic Surgeon agrees with Franklin that taxes are inevitable but he does have some strategies to decrease your tax burden. Dr. Frey also points out that the tax code is set up to incentivize you to invest in ways that decrease your overall taxes. It sounds odd but the tax code essentially encourages investment and as a reward for taking on the “risk” of investing you can decrease your tax burden. The tax code encourages some investments over others, particularly real estate. Check out this week’s post to learn more…

5 Important Tax Tips for Physicians

The news has been a little concerning over the last few months. It is not something that should stop you from investing but it does highlight the importance of analyzing your investment opportunities and short-term rentals are no exception.

There a tons of ways to run STR numbers. We prefer to perform our analysis with and without potential tax benefits and we use a Cash on Cash calculator. We set it up via spread sheet so you can see everything in one screenshot and on one page. This is the calculator we use to analyze our investments and it is 100% FREE for you to download.

Check it out and start analyzing properties in your market. Remember that the the real estate market has been changing rapidly but there are still opportunities out there.

The Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Calculator

Practice the Carpe Diem MD lifestyle and seize the day

Carpe Diem MD

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