PPhREI Network Highlights (7/16/2022)

The PPhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PPhREI network….

Investing in real estate can be active or passive. You can invest in Single family homes, multifamily, long-term rentals and short-term rentals. The Darwinian Doctor has been growing his portfolio of both long-term multifamily properties and short-term rental properties over the last few years. He has experienced some ups and downs during this process and shares his experience in this week’s post. The good news is that his portfolio is growing and he has moved past the challenges that he experienced. This is a great read.

$50,000 Monthly Gross Rental Income | Anno Darwinii 3.0

The sky is falling and so is the stock market. Is it time to start picking stocks to increase your returns? Well, it is tempting and maybe a strategy you can use for a small portion of your portfolio. However, The Prudent Plastic Surgeon is here to give 5 reasons why index fund investing is a better strategy than stock picking.

5 Reasons Index Fund Investing is Better than Stock Picking

Medicine is important and what you do has a tremendous impact in the world. Sometimes after years of practice physicians can forget that what they do is amazing. We can get bogged down in the negative aspects of medicine: charting, administration, google MD, etc. These negative experiences can over shadow the positive aspects of medicine. It can also push us to pursue early retirement even at a detriment to the present.

We can feel guilty for spending on vacation, cars, our home because any expense now delays retirement. Lauren and I believe in FIRE but have pushed our timeline out a little to enjoy more time now with our girls while they are young. The added benefit of this approach is that we also feel better in our practice because we have found a balance between our careers and family. We share more in this week’s post and hope that this may help you along your journey to financial freedom.

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