PPhREI Network Highlights (1/08/2023)

The PPhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PPhREI network…

There is a lot fear about the state of the housing market and this amplified by the news and social media. The Darwinian Doctor delves into this topic and provides a nice break down of the current market and how he is investing during this uncertain time.

Is it the Right Time to Buy Real Estate?

There are countless ways to invest your money and many of them result in bad investments… The Prudent Plastic Surgeon is here to share 11 ways that Doctors SHOULD invest their money. He states that this is a random list but his subconscious definitely placed the three most important investments first…

Top 11 Ways That Doctors Should Invest Their Money

How can you cut the Cable cord while still providing the services that your guests expect? The answer: subscribe to a streaming service that looks like cable… In this post of the week we go over the advantages and disadvantages of Hulu + Live TV & YouTube TV. In the end, we believe that cutting the cord is the way to go and hopefully this post will help you pick an option that works for you.

Cutting the Cord: Hulu + Live TV vs You Tube TV

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