PhRei Network Highlights (8/08/2021)

This last week has been busy as Lauren and I traveled around California, Utah and Colorado with our Retro Trailer. The scenery was amazing and cell reception was poor… which offered a nice break. Today we returned home and were able to catch up on the week’s news.

You may have already heard that The Prudent Plastic Surgeon’s site was down. It might have only been a week but in the blogging world, one week can be tough to handle. You may remember the line from the “Social Network” “Facebook never goes down”… Well sometimes it happens… The good news is that The Prudent Plastic Surgeon is back and we could not be happier. Dr. Jordan Frey shares his experience in this post

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The Darwinian Doctor had a rough run of call that he describes here.

But things are not all doom and gloom for the Darwinian Doctor. The First Fig of the 2021 Summer has arrived.

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