We are Physicians not Real Estate Agents….

Lauren and I are full time practicing Physicians who invest in Real Estate with a focus on Short-Term Rental Investing.

We are NOT Real Estate agents and we do not plan on becoming Real Estate agents. 

Why is that important?  Well mainly because we have created a course addressing Physician Burnout combined with a Short-Term Rental investing course:

The Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course + Physician Burnout and Wellness CME

When Lauren and I provide referrals to Real Estate agents in our course it is based on our personal relationships or the experiences of other Physicians in our group.

We do NOT make money off our Real Estate Agent referrals and therefore eliminate any conflict of interest.   You are probably familiar with this in Medicine it would be considered a kickback but in Real Estate it is called a “referral fee”. 

Real estate agent referral fees are typically 25% of the “gross commission for a single side of a transaction”.  For example: the referral fee is 25% of the buyer or seller agent’s commission.  (Click here to learn more)

So when you are paying for courses run by Physicians that are Real Estate agents, chances are you are paying for them to make additional income off referring you to Real Estate Agents.

Lauren and I believe that concept creates a major conflict of interest.  We want to provide referrals based solely on personal experiences.   In addition, the principles we cover will teach you how to screen and identify great agents in any market independent of referrals.

Our other pledge is we believe you have already made it. 

YOU are awesome.  The Covid Era has been tough but you are a PHYSICIAN in the United States.  You have one of the most prestigious occupations in the entire world. 

Yes, bureaucracy, charting, and external forces can cloud that feeling but that is why we discuss burnout in our course.  Some aspects of burnout are in our control: coaching can help, increasing free time, financial stability; vacations, exercise etc are all in our hands.  It doesn’t solve the systemic problems but these personal changes really help.

This is why we cover Physician Burnout and Wellness, including CME, in our course. 

We also believe that owning our 1st STR has been a great escape that has decreased our feelings of burnout.

We promise to NEVER use the fears of the Covid tragedy to market to you. 

2020 and now 2021 have been tough but it has been tough for almost every field, not just Medicine. Some in our field have been hit harder than others but in the end we are all Physicians in the United States. As a Physician you are in one of the most respected and highest paying fields in the country. According to U.S. News, 7 of the top 10 highest paying occupations in the United States belong to Physicians. (Click here to read more)

You are Awesome… Please don’t forget that.

Learning about real estate should be a “plus one” experience to your already impressive accomplishments.  When you take our course you are a Physician colleague expanding your knowledge.  You are not our students but our equals who will be full fledge short-term rental investors by the end of the course.

We believe, that Short-Term Rental investing is a great way to “Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom”.  Short-term rental properties offer a unique opportunity that allows you to simultaneously grow wealth while creating memories….

You don’t have to wait 10 years from now to enjoy your journey.  That is called arrival fallacy and you can play that game until the end of your days….

Oh, things will be awesome when I’m in College, Medical School, in Residency, as an Attending…. Or after I reach Financial Independence and retire…. Sound familiar?  

Stop.  You don’t’ have to sacrifice today for tomorrow. 

There are many ways to invest and “Enjoy the Journey to Financial Freedom” We like short-term rental investing for achieving this goal…  But it is not the only option. 

You don’t have to quit medicine to become a Real Estate Professional.

By investing and self managing short-term rental properties you save/pay yourself 30% a year and can tap the same tax benefits that are usually reserved for Real Estate Professionals.  You can decrease your taxable income by 100s of thousands.

Now, if you are looking to exit medicine that is OK.  We won’t judge. 

You can use STR investing to increase your cashflow and achieve that goal.  The principles we discuss in The CDMD STR portion of our course can be scaled to reach that goal.

With that said, Lauren and I plan to continue practicing Medicine for the foreseeable future.   In addition to our Practice, we invest in Short-Term Rentals, self-manage, run a blog and the Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental + Physician Burnout and Wellness CME course.  

We are confident that you can continue to practice Medicine and invest in short-term rentals if you want.  In addition, if you have a significant other interested in STR investing you can learn the principles together.

When we discuss Medicine it is because we are ACTIVELY practicing and will continue to do so.

The Carpe Diem MD blog and course is not a way for us to leave medicine.  It is an outlet for us and our long-term goal is to grow a community of Physicians who enjoy short-term rental investing.

We are not a large corporate entity

When you join our course you will have direct communication with us.  We do not use moderators and our course cohorts are smaller.  Like you, we are actively growing our portfolio and will share our positive and negative experiences.  We have three STR/Vacation properties, one LTR triplex and our personal residence… and growing.

There may be others with larger portfolios but we are confident that our system works well and it is specifically designed to be run by a busy two Physician household.  This system can be applied to single Physician households, as well.

So if you would like to have a more personal, less corporate experience, earn CME and join a community of Short-Term Rental investing Physicians please check out our course below.

“Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom”

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