PhRei Network Highlights (9/04/2021)

The PhREI Network Highlights drops once a week and highlights the best posts from the PhREI network.

When starting to invest in Real Estate one of the most common questions is: Where should I invest? Eventually, that starting question will lead to: Should I invest in my local market or long distance? The Darwinian Doctor provides a great post to help you analyze whether local or long distance investing is right for you….

How to decide between local or long distance real estate investing

A few weeks back the Prudent Plastic Surgeon shared an in-depth post on how to increase compensation, clinically and non-clinically. He shared some personal examples of how to make this happen. Dr. Frey also touches on the importance of saving (decreasing expenses) while avoiding the scarcity mindset. One of the hardest and most important mindsets to achieve in the financial world is the Abundance mindset. Check out the below post to learn more.

How to Increase Your Compensation Both Clinically and Non-Clinically

Lauren and I invest in both Short-term rental and Long-Term Multifamily property. (Our main focus is Short-Term Rental Investing). We share this week some of the ethical concerns we have experienced regarding real estate investing as Physicians….

Ethical Dilemmas that Physician Real Investors Experience

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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