Ring vs Nest for your Short-Term Rental Property (Airbnb/VRBO)

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Ring was the first video doorbell.  It started in 2012 and since that time the industry has exploded.  The Ring doorbell has expanded to include flood light cameras, ring security systems and integration with many home automation products.

The success of the Ring system did not go unnoticed and other larger companies began producing their own products.  One of the bigger players in this space is Google with the NEST product series, which includes: the Hello video doorbell system, Nest Thermostat and Google Nest Cameras. 

There are other options as well.  For example Arlo, simplisafe and many others.           However, right now Google and Ring are the two big players.    Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Ring System

Ring Video Door Bell

One of the best features about the Ring Doorbell is that it comes standard with both battery and wired options for installation. 

This is great for installation.  If your home is older and does not have a wired doorbell you can simply install the Ring with the battery pack, which will last for 3-6 months between charges.   You can then wire the same product at a later date.  This gives a lot of options for doorbell placement.

The installation was very straightforward and the instructions were easy to follow.  My only suggestion would be to test the camera view before installing the wall mount. 

The current instructions have that reversed but if your angle is not good then you are stuck with a wall mount in the wrong position.  

So activate the camera first to confirm the view and then install the wall mount.

The Ring video is clear and the app works seamlessly.

Other Ring Products

The Ring universe has expanded to include many camera options and they are the leader in this space. The security camera options offer battery and wired options. 

All of these cameras integrate with the Ring app. 

You can see all the products at the ring website (Click Here). If you click on the pictures below the links will connect to Best Buy. I found the delivery time to be faster with Best Buy and the return process easy…. just in case you buy too many cameras ;).

Ring Flood Light

This is one of the higher end products available.  The Ring Flood light is a motion sensor flood light with video recording in HD.  This product has wired and plug in options. I went with the Wired Flood Light Cam Pro $249. There is also a less expensive option Flood Light Cam at $179.

Ring Spot Light Camera

This camera is great and has multiple options for power: battery, wired and solar panel.  No other product has the solar panel option.  The solar power option is a nice accessory for properties where wiring and frequent battery changes are not possible.

Note: there are two other camera options. The Stick Up (Indoor/Outdoor) and the Indoor Cam. We don’t use any indoor cameras for obvious privacy concerns and the other outdoor options are higher grade then the Stick Up category.

Ring Security System

The security system is a nice add on option on its own.  However, the big perk of this system in the security hub that allows you to connect Z wave compatible home automation products to your RING app. 

Examples of these products include Schlage Encode locks, the Ecobee Thermostat, main water valve shut off systems, flood monitoring, Smoke/CO monitors, Smart LED light bulbs and smart pathway/step lights. (Click Here to Learn More).

An additional, benefit of the Ring security is the ability to monitor doors that are not equipped with Schlage Encode locks, for example glass slider doors. This allows you to run your entire home from one application. 

Ring also offers profession monitoring for 10$ per month or $100/year

Ring App

The Ring app is awesome.  It works seamlessly with all the available camera options and integrates with many other home automation products.   Some products integrate directly with the application: for example the Honeywell T 9 smart thermostat.  Other products integrate via Z wave technology using the Ring Security System.

So there are tons of great options witht the Ring system.  One disadvantage is that it does not integrate with the Apple Home Kit but it does work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assist.


Google Hello

The Google Hello doorbell is similar to the Ring in general design but it does not offer a battery-powered option. This product will need to be wired.  The video resolution and speed is lower than the Ring products.

Google Nest Cam

These google nest cameras are sleek and provide great video quality.  (NOTE: the Google Nest Flood camera has not been released yet (September 2021).

The downside to the Google Nest Outdoor Camera is that it requires an outlet plug for installation.  I ran into a problem trying to install this product because of this design.  There is a battery powered option but no solar options so this system will not work well for remote management.  Therefore, RING wins in this department.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat is great and RING does not have its own thermostat at this time.  So this is a win for Google.  The Nest integrates well with the Google Nest Cam, Hello and google assist. 

Google Nest Secure Alarm System

The Nest Secure alarm system debuted in 2017 but was discontinued in 2020.

Google Home/Assist app

The app works well for the NEST, Hello, and google Cameras. 

In Summary

In the end, I may be biased but I think RING has a head start on Google in the home automation and security space.  When you are managing a property from a distance it is nice to have boots on the ground as well as your own ability to monitor your property.

Ring allows you to do everything you need via a combination of their own products and integrated partner products.   The combination of the Ring Door bell, Ring flood lights, low light camera, Ring security, Schlage Encode Locks and the Ecobee thermostat allows you to completely automate and monitor your property.  You can even go a step further with yard lighting and water main monitoring.

Google has a nice product but to reach the same level of automation and monitoring it will need to add some additional products and partners.

I hope this helps you when choosing between Ring and Nest.  Good luck out there.

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom