PhREI Network Highlights (11/13/2021)

The PhREI Network Highlights drops once a week and includes the best posts from the PhREI network….

This week the Darwinian Doctor covers a controversial topic… quitting residency. To be clear Dr. Shin does not encourage or recommend a mass exodus of Physicians from their residency programs. However, it may be the correct decision for some. Dr. Shin interviews the founder of to help provide a resource to those considering an exit from Medicine.

A New Resource for Residents who are Thinking of Quitting

Debt, debt, debt and more debt. The Prudent Plastic Surgeon breaks down Medical School debt and the impact student debt has on young Physicians. Dr. Frey would be the first to recommend learning as much as possible about your student debt. Don’t ignore it and address as much of it as you can while in training. This is a great read.

33 Medical School Debt Statistics That All Doctors Need to Know

Today is the first day of snowboard season for our family… We love enjoying the mountain together and it is literally the reason “Why we STR!!!.

This is Why We STR

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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