PhREI Network Highlights (1/23/2022)

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Today is the LAST day of PhREI Conference Winter 2022. The conference has been amazing and with great speakers awesome live zoom meeting sessions…

We know the weekends can be busy and maybe you were unable to view all the content. Don’t worry you can still access the content for on-demand viewing via Kajabi.

In addition, it is not too late to sign up for VIP ACCESS and receive lifetime access to the conference videos. We hope you had a great weekend and thank you for joining us at the PhREI Conference Winter 2022.

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PhREI Conference Winter 2022 (VIP ACCESS)

Depreciation is a powerful tool utilized in the world of real estate to help save on taxes and speed portfolio growth by using these savings to reinvest. But investors do have to pay that back at some point and this is called Depreciation Recapture… bummer… But wait, the Darwinian Doctor shares 3 ways to Avoid Depreciation Recapture in this weeks PhREI network highlight.

3 Ways to Avoid Depreciation Recapture Tax on Rental Property

Over the past year I have become saddened by the various Physician Courses and blogs out there that heavily market financial freedom as a way to leave Medicine. These courses market with a lot of “look at me” strategies, covid-fear and essentially equate the reason to be financially free is to move on from Medicine.

I understand that the Covid-era has been brutal for some of you but right now, more than ever, the world needs GOOD doctors. Financial Freedom does NOT mean replacing your income with real estate and then quitting Medicine…. NOW you are just dependent on Real Estate.

Financially Freedom means having multiple streams of income that allow you the FREEDOM to practice Medicine and Real Estate investing etc on your own terms because you are not dependent on either one. Hospitals and administration have diminishing power when the ability for them to impact your financial security decreases. (You can even do this in Medicine by working for multiple practices… I did this for years in Emergency Medicine and Wound Care)

It becomes easier to push back on bureaucracy because you are financially stable enough to decrease administrative hours or simply move to another position. Your ability to negotiate becomes far stronger when the other side understands that you are not dependent on them… That is the true benefit of working for financial independence and is a worthy cause that can truly improve healthcare. Avoid the marketing noise and read the blog post below. It is awesome!!!

9 Powerful Ways Financially Free Doctors Can Improve Healthcare

The Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course/Physician Burnout and Wellness CME Course STARTS TOMORROW (Monday, January 24th!!!)

The only course with CME that teaches you about Physician burnout and all you need to know about Short-Term Rental investing…

You don’t want to miss out!!! The course is filled with great material and guides you step by step from purchasing your first or next Short-term rental all the way to set-up, self-management and automation. Start 2022 out right by taking The Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course/Physician Burnout and Wellness CME Course.

The course has weekly live Question and Answer sessions and daily availability via a private Facebook group to answer any questions. The goal of the course is to guide you through purchasing and setting up your first or next short-term rental property and to provide all the support you need to meet your goals.

Don’t miss out!!! Sign up today!!!

The Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course/Physician Burnout and Wellness CME

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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