PhREI Network Highlights (1/29/2022)

The PhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PhREI network….

Thank you to all who joined us for the PhREI Conference Winter 2022. We had a great time putting that together and it was nice getting to network with all of you. The FREE portion of the conference with shut done tomorrow. We hope you had a great time. If you would like continued access to on-demand videos you can still upgrade to VIP access.

Click here to sign up for VIP ACCESS:

PhREI Conference Winter 2022 (VIP ACCESS)

Dr. Shin read an 800 page tax book so you don’t have you and he shares three big lessons that he learned. The main take away is that the tax code favors businesses including real estate and The Darwinian Doctor breaks it down in this post.

3 Lessons I Learned from a Huge Tax Book

We blog a lot about the benefits of real estate and the importance of diversifying your income outside of Medicine. But, real estate is only one way to diversify. The Prudent Plastic Surgeon shares a few other options and how you can figure out the right option for you…

How to Figure Out the Right Physician Side Hustle for You

Purchasing your first Short-term rental can be a daunting experience but the more you know the easier the process becomes. In this week’s post we share FIVE things to consider when purchasing a STR (Airbnb/VRBO).

Five Things to Consider When Purchasing a STR (AirBNB/VRBO)

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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