PhREI Network Highlights (2/05/2022)

I had the honor of hosting the PhREI Network Conference with The Darwinian Doctor, Daniel Shin and the Prudent Plastic Surgeon, Jordan Frey. It was a great conference to be a part of and I think Dr. Shin wrote a fantastic post sharing what he learned. Check out this week’s PhREI network post from The Darwinian Doctor.

3 Things I Learned from Hosting a Real Estate Conference

This post is Gold for any w-2 or hospital based physicians. The Prudent Plastic Surgeon shares valuable advice on how to improve your practice by navigating the nuances of hospital administrators, RVUs, marketing and the importance of knowing your worth.

5 Tips to Build Your Perfect Practice for Employed Physicians

There are so many reasons to live your best life today and just as many distractions that prevent you from doing so…. Work, pursuing FI, chasing real estate, blogging, side gig A, B, C, etc. The list can go on and on… Don’t get me wrong, those all worthy pursuits but just make sure to balance some time for today. I know this and try my best to practice it…. but sometimes I even forget. The Carpe Diem MD post of the week is the original… Carpe Diem.

The Fall

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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