PhREI Network Highlights (2/12/2022)

The PhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PhREI network….

Backyard renovations can be a lot of work but also an exciting and fun process. The Darwinian Doctor is in the middle of a major full home renovation and backyard renovation at the same time. He recently got to witness the transformative power of a great concrete pour… Check it out in the the Building the Empire series.

The Best Concrete Pour Ever | Building the Empire

Passive income sounds absolutely amazing… Income with no work involved… Is that really a thing? Sure there are people with generational wealth, kings, queens, tycoons etc but is any income truly passive? Do all invests and therefore income involve some active involvement? The Prudent Plastic Surgeon shares his thoughts on this topic in this week’s PhREI Network highlight post of the week.

Can You Actually Achieve Real Passive Income?

Purchasing an STR can be challenging in this market but there are still good properties available and many different strategies to acquire one. One strategy is to skip the bidding wars and go directly to a builder to purchase a new build… Brilliant… This Carpe Diem MD highlight of the week takes a look at the advantages and disadvantage to this strategy.

5 things to consider when purchasing a Short-Term Rental new build

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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