PPhREI Network Highlights (8/07/2022)

The PPhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PPhREI network….

The Fed continues to raise interests in an attempt to combat inflation. The goal is to tamper inflation without pushing us into a full blow recession… nicknamed a “soft landing”. This is a tough task to pull off. The other side effect of this plan is a housing “correction” and hopefully not a crash. The Darwinian Doctor goes into detail about “How the Federal Reserve Might Crash the Real Estate Market”.

How the Federal Reserve Might Crash the Real Estate Market

You have probably heard the phrase that “real estate is a get rich slow strategy”. Now it is true that some get rich quickly but the general rule is to take is slow and steady. The Prudent Plastic Surgeon shares how he has implemented this steady strategy and how the returns have increased each year. Dr. Frey discusses how the cash flow from one property may not seem to make a difference for a physician but over time the numbers add up to create a very real impact. Check out this post by the Prudent Plastic Surgeon to learn more.

The Real Estate Flywheel Effect for Successful Physician Investors

It has been a busy week and a weekend filled with new adventures. Lauren and I took the trailer out for a quick trip to explore a new campsite, Benton Hot Springs. This place is great and about an 1 hour east of Mammoth Lakes. The camp ground is unique because it has private hot spring fed tubs for each campsite. It was pretty amazing and stars are impressive. The second stop was Mammoth Lakes for bluesapalooza, which is a Blues Festival combined with a booze festival… Probably don’t need to same much about that one… It’s pretty awesome. Hope you all had a great weekend and good luck out there.

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