PPhREI Network Highlights (7/30/2022)

The PPhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PPhREI network….

The Darwinian Doctor “Letters to My Sons” series is one of my favorite blog series. If you don’t know, Dr. Shin has been writing letters to his sons over the last few years. Each letter captures a moment in time during his financial journey and he uses these letters to share his feelings and provide advice. These posts are like a journal but with the plan that his sons will be able to read them when they come of age. In this letter, Dr. Shin discusses some major personal changes and how his son’s “badass Mom” was the catalyst for these changes.

Your Mom Is a Badass | Letters to My Sons

There is more to The Prudent Plastic Surgeon than real estate. His blog discusses all types of topics from stocks, to Bobby Bonilla, and life in general. Dr. Frey’s Sorta Random Sunday series is filled with fun posts. This week he talks about how our decisions influence our day. Now, of course you know that but what is interesting is his theory that making “good” decisions early in the day influence the rest of the day. Also, he discusses strategies to influence our subconscious decisions to break negative cycles and increase the likelihood of having a “good” day. This is a thought provoking quick read and gives some guidance on how to analyze and hopefully influence future decisions.

Sorta Random Sunday: The Difference Between Good and Bad Days

Lauren and I are up in Mammoth this weekend working on our STR… don’t worry we will make time for some fun too. Mammoth is known to most as a Winter snow resort but it is also a great place for Summer time fun. There are tons of great hiking trails, mountain biking, wine, beer and music festivals. Being here reminds me of a previous post that I’d like to share about why we STR…

This is Why We STR

Practice the Carpe Diem MD lifestyle and seize the day

Carpe Diem MD

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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