PPhREI Network Highlights (10/30/2022)

The PPhREI Network Highlights drop once a week and include the best posts from the PPhREI network….

This week the The Darwinian Doctor provides a breakdown of his rental portfolio, which includes, short-term rentals, small apartments and multifamily (duplexes). Dr. Shin goes over his 3 year review in detail and explains the costs and benefits of growing his Empire. This is a great behind the scenes look at a growing portfolio.

$325k Annual Gross Income | Anno Darwinii 3.25

Financing is one of the most important aspects of real estate investing. Of course, you need to be able to identify and source properties but after that you need to finance your purchases. One way is to sit on a pile of money and pay cash for everything… but that is not an option for most. In addition, many would say that paying cash is not a great way to own property because you are not taking advantage of leverage. Many that purchase with cash, later refinance to pull cash out of their properties to purchase more. So, what do you do if you don’t have a pile of cash? The classic option is to apply for traditional financing via a mortgage. The other option is hard money loans (these are short bridging loans with high rates). But there is another way… Become you own lender by using a HELOC to fund your real estate purchases and accelerate your portfolio growth. This week The Prudent Plastic Surgeon discussed the “3 best uses for a HELOC”

3 Best Uses for a HELOC

Picking the “best” TV can feel a little intimidating with all the options out there and the cost can add up quickly when you are buying 4 or more TVs at once. So, how do you narrow down your options: Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, TCL and more…   The Carpe Diem MD  post for this week breaks down how to choose the “best” TV for your STR…

The Best Smart TVs for Your Short Term Rental (Airbnb, VRBO) 2022

The Fall 2022 Carpe Diem MD Short-Term Rental Course is NOW open for sign up for the rest of the 2022 calendar year.

2022 is the last year to achieve 100% bonus depreciation and the 4th quarter is the best time to purchase a Short-term rental property. Our course is designed to guide you through purchasing your first STR all the way to complete set up and self-management. We both practice full-time while managing our STRs and know you can do it too. The course includes a CME component about physician burnout and wellness and you can use CME funds to sign up for the course.

The course material is available immediately on sign up. This offer also includes access to the first course of 2023!!! (Click here to learn more)

Practice the Carpe Diem MD lifestyle and seize the day

Carpe Diem MD

Enjoy your Journey to Financial Freedom

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