Our October 2022 Renovation (Halloween Special)

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is almost here but we would still like to share a little Halloween fun…

Last year we “purchased a 2 bedroom haunted house”. It was a great “purchase” even though the property had no bathroom, no kitchen, and no living room… it definitely needed some work. This year the girls hired a contractor, “me”, to add two additional rooms to the haunted house.

The additions definitely added value to the property and improved the flow of the haunted house. Last year, the house ended in a dead end but this year the new design allowed for a nice one way walking path.

The renovation was completed over the weekend before Halloween and supplies included metal framing and reclaimed plastic siding.  In addition, there was no plumbing so it moved pretty quickly… Also, of note we ran into some “electrical problems” during the renovation but nothing too bad…

The pest issue from last year persists and we have a major a spider infestation that has worsened. The additional rooms also attracted some more ghosts and a mind flayer…

Lastly, the original owner of the “haunted house” didn’t leave after Halloween last year and is still holding on to his bowl of candy…

Building this haunted house was a fun family activity and we have shared some info below on how to build your own for next year!!!

These photos are from our haunted house that we made over the weekend.

Here is our quick guide to an easy to set up haunted house.

Buy 10×10 pop ups and set them up side by side. The more you have the larger the haunted house. Last year we had 2 and this year we move up to three.

Last Year

The 2022 addition

Enclose the popups with plastic siding. Or purchase the Master canopy that has black sidings included. We also recommend black gorilla tape to secure the siding.

You can make a walkway with wood stakes from Lowes and caution tape.

Then cut an entry door in one of the four walls of your first room, right down the middle…

Add some creepy posters and then repeat the same process to connect to the other “room” (pop-up).

Go to Spirits Halloween and buy a bunch of Halloween decorations.

Fog machine, strobe light, crazy “electrical” flickering lights.

A poltergeist TV…. You get the idea

You can add a creepy scarecrow that screams when you try to grab his candy

And then if you really want to go big you can buy a projector from Amazon ($189) and download some very creepy scary Halloween computer generated videos ($9) that you can project on your wall using your projector.

(atmosfx.com) is the site to check out for holiday themed video downloads.

Then enjoy.

What is nice about this Halloween set up is that minus the plastic siding, the other portions get reused each year and the pop-up gets used throughout the year.

Lastly, the pop-ups create a form of modular housing that you can add as many pop-ups as you would like… depending on how large you want your haunted house to be.

We used three pop-ups this year and a plastic siding to connect them.

The breakdown was pretty easy but the “scarecrow” seemed a little sad about it.

Lauren and I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween and here’s to next year.

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